C-luck Productions is a film production company specialising in

  • production of (short) feature films, documentaries, imago clips, advertisements and music videos,
  • recording weddings, sport events, seminars, conferences and workshops in film or photos,
  • broadcasting live video stream from the location selected by the client.

Silver Siilak is a member of the board of C-luck Productions, and has experience as a producer, director, as well as a cinematographer / film operator / cameraman.

In 2008-2010, Silver Siilak was a partner, script-writer and producer in Bullshit Productions – a group of amateur film-makers. This collaboration resulted in projects featuring elements of student indie films, such as the short films Professionals – The First Assignment, which won the first prize at the short film festival organised by Reporter and Kanal 2 in 2009, and Professionals II – Flipped, which was filmed with Nokia N82 phone and was crowned as the favourite of the audience at the Nokia mobile phone film festival of 2010.

In 2011, this endeavour grew into High Roller Films, which came out with 18 different film productions (short films, music videos, imago clips, ads, etc.) in two years. Silver Siilak participated in these projects as the producer and script-writer. The short action film Priceless was included in the programmes of five different international film festivals (Hollywood – USA, Monterrey – Mexico, Kerala – India, CinEast – Luxembourg, Scanorama – Vilnius). To see the film, see our portfolio.

Some interesting trivia about Priceless:

  • The budget of the film was approximately 2,000 EUR, which mainly covered the expenses of transportation and food for the cast and crew. The entire cast, including the best-known Estonian singers/performers and internationally recognised models, participated in the film for free.
  • All sound effects were recorded separately, after shooting the scenes, by Herzog Sound Studio (Tallinn) and Priits Music (Tartu). Sounds from the shoot were not used at all.
  • The two versions of the soundtrack of the film – “Zuleika Hanum” – were recreated and mixed by the reggae band Bombillaz and the underground  DJ Elvis Scissorhand Laur for this film specifically, and was especially well received on the Estonian underground music scene.

Priceless in the media:

Estonian Film Institute (EFI)

EFI database


premiere in Rocstar, Tallinn

premiere in Athena, Tartu

premiere in Kanal 2


Professionals 1 and Professionals 2 in the media:


Tartu Postimees